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Gallery 31: Armoury


The Museum owns more than 400 pieces of armour, including items worn by horses, which is magnificently displayed in the figure on horseback, both clad in armour which dominates the centre of the gallery.

The majority of the armour collection is European plate, although armour from Asia and the Middle East is also represented, including samurai armour, Indian chainmail and Ottoman plate. Best represented is 16th-century armour from Germany and North Italy, mostly field armour worn in battle but with some tournament and parade examples including ornamental helmets.

The Armoury also holds approximately 350 pieces of weaponry. Objects include crossbows and their accessories, daggers, maces and a lance. There are swords of several different types including broadswords, ‘hand-and-a-half’ swords, sabres, rapiers, ceremonial swords and a small sword for a child as well as swords from the Islamic world and Asia.

Gallery data

A 360 photo of the Armoury: June 2020

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