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Death on the Nile

This exhibition is now in our archive.

‘Death on the Nile: Uncovering the Afterlife of Ancient Egypt’ explores the fascinating world of ancient Egyptian burial customs and practices. Examining objects from the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection, with the aid of scientific analysis and imaging, this beautifully illustrated volume deepens our understanding of the lives and concerns of ancient Egyptians as they prepared themselves for death and burial.

Between 23 February and 22 May 2016, the Fitzwilliam Museum exhibited ‘Death on the Nile: Uncovering the Afterlife of Ancient Egypt’. The Museum’s first major exhibition as part of its 2016 Bicentenenary celebrations, the exhibition went beyond the images of mummies, pharaohs and mystery often associated with ancient Egypt by showcasing how coffin design developed over 4,000 years, reflecting significant changes both in the status of affluent ancient Egyptians and in the gods that were important to them. This webpage is an archival resource for the exhibition and its associated publication and international conference.

The exhibition was held in the Fitzwilliam Museum (Galleries 12 & 13) and entry was FREE. The Bicentenary business partners for the exhibition, included: TTP Group plc, ACE Cultural Tours, Hewitsons LLP, Marshall of Cambridge, Rheebridge Ltd and Sotheby’s. An exhibition eGuide was also available.

Selected objects

An image of Cartonnage



An image of Jar



An image of Shabti box

Shabti box


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