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Dr Flavia Fiorillo

Research Associate, non-invasive analysis of paintings, books and manuscripts

Flavia Fiorillo is a Research Associate working in Scientific Research. Her interests are the investigation of painted objects to identify the materials and painting techniques and their changes through different timeframes and locations, the use of scientific methodologies to refine the corpus of artworks attributed to an artist, and the production of replicas/copies painted by an artist and the workshop.

She holds a PhD in Cultural Heritage Studies (University of Bologna, Italy), a Master’s Degree in Science for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage (University of Bologna) and a Bachelor in Science applied to cultural heritage (Sapienza University of Rome). During the past ten years, she worked as a researcher at the University of Bologna and did short internships at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), ETH (Zurich) and the University of Liverpool (UK).

She joined the Fitzwilliam Museum in 2020 as the ZKS/MINIARE Fellow, and she continues her research with a focus on non-invasive analyses of manuscripts, portrait miniatures, printed books and paintings.

Pronouns: she/her


Gameson R., Beeby A., Fiorillo F., Nicholson C., Reynolds S., Ricciardi P., “The Pigments of British Illuminators 600-1600: A Scientific and Cultural Study”, Archetype Publications, 2023.

Fiorillo F., Burgio L., Kimbriel C.S., Ricciardi P., “Non-invasive technical investigation of English portrait miniatures attributed to Nicholas Hilliard and Isaac Oliver”, Heritage, 4(3), 2021, 1165-1164.Fiorillo F., Hendriks L., Hajdas I., Vandini M., Huysecom E. “The rediscovery of Jan Ruyscher and its consequence”, Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, 61(1), 2021, 55-63.Fiorillo F., Fiorentino S., Montanari M., Roversi Monaco C., Del Bianco A., Vandini M., “Learning from the past, intervening in the present: the role of conservation science in the challenging restoration of the wall painting Marriage at Cana by Luca Longhi (Ravenna, Italy)”, Heritage Science, 8, 2020, 8-10.


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