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About learning research

Museum Learning Research explores how people experience our programmes, displays and building. It helps us to evaluate and reflect on our practice and to better understand and evidence the impact of our work.

Our Practitioner Researchers employ Participatory Action Research as a powerful tool for enabling collaboration and co-creation with a range of partners from outside of the museum and university. We are guided by our Participatory Practice Manifesto which was developed in partnership with colleagues from across the museum through our Participation, Practice and Co-creation Research Community.


Current projects

Our Early Childhood Research programme focuses on how young children & those who care for them experience the Museum. We work with families and educators to create meaningful connections between young children and artworks. Together we explore innovative pedagogies and resources to understand how best to support learning, participation and engagement.

Take A Walk in My Shoes explores how it feels to be 'in' and move around the Museum. We are working with people affected by non-visible disabilities to consider how each individual's experience is unique, and to address potential challenges and opportunities.

Connections Through Collections is co-led by ten collaborators drawn from across the Cambridge community and investigates how the Museum collections, displays and programmes could be made more accessible and relevant to a wider range of people.

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