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Secondary Art Connections

Session Description

Join us in the paintings galleries to explore paintings up close with our Musuem Teachers.

Explore how artists and artworks shape our world, express concepts, beliefs, and relationships. Find out about different art media and techniques and how artists employ line, shape, colour, texture, and composition to express ideas.

Contact us on 01223 332904 or email to book, or to discuss your needs.

Format of the session

Through mindful visual examination, thoughtful conversation and shared discussion designed to foster your students playful and imaginative curiosity around art and artworks, we learn together to create Art Connections.

Choose from one of our themes:

  1. Portraits
  2. Landscapes
  3. How to read a painting
  4. Who holds power?

Your museum visit is scheduled for two hours. The class will be taught by a museum teacher for an hour in the paintings galleries, then will do a self-led activity for the remaining hour. If you are bringing two classes, one class will have the Art Connections session for 2 hours and the other will do a self-led session in another part of the museum for 90 minutes, then break for lunch, before swapping over.

More information on the session and booking can be found here.

‘Students are using their research to influence their own work. There were many positive responses.’ – KS4/5 Teacher

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